The RPC is the advisory body to the Dean of the School of Medicine about policies, activities, and long-term objectives pertaining to research in the School of Medicine.

Members are appointed by the Dean to a 3-year term, with the recommendations of the Committee on Faculty Affairs.

Activities of the RPC include:

  • Review of nominations for awards and fellowships
  • Reviews of Research Centers and Cores
  • Review of major equipment requisitions
  • Administration of Internal Study Section
  • Administration of Presidential Research Fund

Useful Links
Funding information, grant preparation sites, and other research resources for investigators at SLU.
RPC Members
Current and Ex Officio members of the Research Planning Committee
President's Research Fund provides support to new or existing high scientific quality research likely to secure extramural funding.
Internal Study Section
Peer-review for NIH and NIH-type applications prior to submission.