Daniel Hoft, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Allergy & Immunology and Director of the Center for Vaccine Development, announced the opening of a new Extended Stay Research Unit at SLU.

As part of the NIH-funded study to develop a universal flu vaccine, the new research unit will allow investigators to take vaccine testing to the next level. Human influenza challenge studies, where patients are vaccinated and then intentionally exposed to live flu virus, will be conducted at the site. After exposure, patients are quarantined in the unit for up to 10 days, and are monitored daily for flu infection and to see if they are shedding the virus. Patients much be clear of infection for 2 days before they will be allowed to return home.

Rooms in the former Water Tower Inn at Salus Center were converted to be used for these studies. The area is protected from other parts of the building with negative air pressure and an updated HVAC system.

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