Research Administration Mentoring Program (RAMP)

The Research Administration Mentoring Program (RAMP) aims to encourage mentoring across medical school departments.

Existing School of Medicine staff members who have attained a wealth of knowledge, skills, and abilities in grant application procedures and administration can provide assistance and guidance to staff who are new to the field or university, and have not had the opportunity to acquire these skills.

RAMP Details

  • RAMP is open to all School of Medicine basic science, clinical, and administrative departments.
  • Mentors should be senior staff, with at least two years of University experience in grant administration.
  • Participation in RAMP will require approval of both the staff member’s immediate supervisor and the RPC.
  • The RPC will match experienced Mentors with Mentees who have the desire to develop professionally in grant administration.

Both the Mentors and Mentees involved in RAMP will have an opportunity to build important relationships and enhance their professional growth. Mentoring will involve periodic meetings, phone calls, and emails with their Mentees. The time commitment for this program is not expected to be burdensome (less than 2-3 hours per month), but will provide invaluable knowledge and support to departments with more inexperienced grant staff, as well as useful professional development for the Mentors themselves.

Nominate a Mentee for RAMP

Email the Research Planning Committee c/o Denise Johnson (Email), with your nominee’s name, department, position, position responsibilities, and an explanation of how this program could benefit your department’s research mission.

Apply to be a Mentor

Potential Mentors should complete the Mentor Application form posted here: RAMP Mentor Application